This work is all about my soul nourishing love affair with nature. I love to immerse myself in the seas and rivers and streams of Devon, at least when the weather is warm, and to ramble in the woods. A beautiful day for me involves foraging, sketching, or sitting around a fire with friends as the silky darkness descends. So when I can, I like to get out of the city and head 100 miles down the road south-west. Much of my work is inspired by these wild and soothing, colourful, lush, constant yet ever-changing places.

Some of these images are inspired by times spent at Gaia House, a meditation retreat centre in Devon. I’ve recently published a book of images and poems in collaboration with the poet River Wolton, about her spending three months on silent meditation retreat there. The book is entitled “Betweenity” and you’ll find a 29 of my paintings inside it including several of the ones below. If you’d like to purchase a copy just send an email to It’s a fundraiser for Gaia House.

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