These are pages from my unfinished graphic novel in progress which I've been slowly working on since around 2010. The book is 'auto-bio-fictiona-graphical' and is based on a transitional and transformative time in my early thirties when I met my birth mother who had relinquished me for adoption when I was a baby.

It has just won the 2018 Laydeez do Comics Women’s Prize for Unpublished Graphic Novels in Progress . (I am thrilled!) 

You can read a review of it in broken Frontier at this link:

Praise for My Other Mother, My Other Self: 

"My Other Mother, My Other Self combines uncompromising yet carefully crafted prose, brutal candour and haunting, melting artwork to bring us directly into its author’s mindscape." Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier, October 3, 2018

"Haunting and brave, inventive and honest, her work provides shape and colour to sensations that words can’t yet reach." Steff Humm, Editor in Chief, Ink Magazine, Issue 28

“I was bowled over by the beauty of Emma’s art work. I could just gaze at the images with pure pleasure (and a degree of envy!) - but then there is also the gripping storyline that draws you in. I am so looking forward to reading the whole book.” Bobby Baker, Artistic director of arts org. “Daily Life”

You can also order the first chapter from my etsy shop:https: //

I hope to complete the novel and find a publisher/self-publish in the next 18 months.

    Click on the images below to see pages from different parts of the novel at full size (but they are a little out of date - I'll update soon!)